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Hi I’m Stephen Bekker!

Yes my name is Stephen. If your name is Stephen you are probably AWESOME! Think about all the awesome Stephen’s out there (I’m including the misspelled American “Steven” in the list too)

Steven Spielberg , Stephen Hawking, Stephen Sodenberg , Stevie Wonder, Stephen King, Stephen Colbert, Stephen Foster, Stephen R. Covey, Stephen F. Austin, Steven Seagul , Steven Taylor….and like 20 more…

So point made, I welcome you to my blog. I’ll be a famous Stephen too! If not famous hopefully rich, if not rich hopefully happy! lol.

So here is a quick Bio:

Born in Africa, South Africa (The country, it’s not a region, the region is called SouTHERN Africa), in Cape Town, more specifically Belville in 1986.

I have a passion for film, video and photography. I started making movies at the age of 9 when my we got a VHS camera. I made stop motion animations and edited using the camera and two VCR’s.

After high school in 2003 I studied film and language at African Film Academy and Stellenbosch University.

I work actively in the industry, mostly in post production and production of WEB content, like reality shows, adverts, spec reels and online media campaigns.

I also had the pleasure of working at the amazing , a great source of online news media.

I currently work from my home as a freelancer and enjoy working on challenging and creative projects.

If you need a job done email me at or add me on google +

That is it for now, will add my Oscar nomination as soon as it hits.

Love. S

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