Must Know

Must Read Must Know Part 1

Learning to write 101:

Must Know, and Must Reads Part 1

Must Know
Some things you must know and to know you must read.


When you start your study of writing you imagine some kind of handbook that will give you step by step instructions, a quick overview of needed skill sets, basic writing musts and a historical guide to how other writers write. Quickly you discover that this is not the case. Writing is not something you can learn with just one manual, it is in fact a combination of thousands of different things. As a struggling writer myself (and having studied writing formally at three universities) I have come to find a few must read books.


Most of my must reads have NOTHING to do with writing. Instead it has A LOT to do with psychology and ways of thinking. Why? Well you see to write great characters you need to understand what makes a person tick. Yes we all want to eat, sleep, have sex and watch reality TV shows after a long day of work but what makes us decide things and what makes us act in a certain way.


My worst HATE in a movie is when I watch some movie for almost 60 mins and then the main character suddenly does something so strange and unlike the character that we have been forced to watch for so long, that I walk out of the CINEMA. If your characters reactions are not motivated by the characters internal forces, mindset or philosophy then you don’t have a dynamic and engaging character.


Ok so here is this weeks MUST READ, MUST KNOW:

MUST READ: The Writers Journey, Christopher Vogler

MUST KNOW: Carl Gustav Jung, Philosopher


Carl Gustav Jung, or known as just JUNG by most, is one of the most prolific philosophers of mind, and human decision making. Jung was fascinated with culture and the internal mechanisms of the mind. He wanted to categorize people according to universal archetypes that would sum them up and help you figure out how they think and react to the world around them.


The best book to read is THE WRITERS JOURNEY, it is based on Jung and his theories about personality types and most importantly ARCHETYPES. It also has the 3 act structure and other amazing writing tools to help you shape your story. What makes this book great is that it is used by Hollywood to test scripts validity and was used on Disney’s “The Lion King” and many other massiveĀ  and indie films.


This book might come close to being the best manual for writers out there. So if you must buy something to help you become the best writer you can be, buy Christopher Vogler’s, “The Writers Journey”


Till next time remember, a good writer is a good reader.

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