This Video will hit 1 mill views very soon.

100 000 views in one day! Not a generic brand video.

FiNAL VERDICT: Prediction Achieved. This video received just over a million views on my prediction date, April 2nd 2014. The official channel commented on my post and added the Vimeo views to the youtube views and they reached a Million views on the day I had predicted. I first saw the video at 1200 views a day after it was posted. 12 days later the video had 1 million views, where will it go from here? 100 million in one year? Can’t wait to see. To all the trolls, suck it!

100 000 views in one day! Not a generic brand video. Uploaded 4 days ago, will it reach a million views by April 2nd 2014? Enjoy

My brand predictions are coming true, exciting,

UPDATE 28 MARCH: VIDEO views are over 600 000! So we might hit the 1 mil view mark sooner than I predicted!

And there are about 5 FAKES on YOUTUBE as we speak, one having a hundred views already, I’ll try and keep track of the fake posts too.

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