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DA Theme Song 2014 Elections – South Africa



While I appreciate the amount of work the DA has put into their 2014 election campaign I could not help but feel that it was at times too much talk and not enough emotion. Music is all about emotion and expression. When I saw the DA’s video on youtube called Together For Change I really loved it. But I needed a way to show it to more people, a more entertaining way, a buzzfeed and upworthy share this way.

Enter KAMZEE. I saw this kids song on youtube a few years ago and thought he would have millions of views by now. To my surprise he only had about 7000 views when I checked again yesterday, and the DA video only had 2800 views. Being a bit of a MEME culture predictionist myself I needed to mash-up the DA with Kamzee, watch it and let me know in the comments!

Well as a member of the LGBT community I will vote for the DA becuase they stand up for gay rights, they stand up for jobs and they have an economic plan that will make South Africa grow like no other party can. I hope you enjoy my video, spread it around if you believe the DA has what it takes to mobilize South Africa into a new modern era. A era free of discrimination. No more blaming our past, time to build a future.

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