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Future/Past New World Order Part 1

Me me me. Selfies and IntaShare! Viral videos and funny internet cats. Fail compilations and #’s.

Before we start I do not believe ANY brand or corporation truly wants to make the world a better place, without some kind of personal gain for the company, that said…….

Yes it is indeed the year 2014 as of the time of writing this piece. The people in my time, 2014 are not reading my blog. Most of the people who use internet today (25 April 2014, Cape Town, South Africa) are from North America, Europe, UK or Japan. If you are reading this in the future, I’m probably dead, if immortality potion gets invented tomorrow this blog will be embarrassing, lol. Almost as embarrassing as the current internet user. So I am writing this piece for people in the year 2114, when you read this one day on the HTML 5 historical internet back-up server I hope you will enjoy my take on the world in 2014, a hundred years ago exactly for you if you read this blog on 25 April 2114.

When I use the term INTERNET USER I do not include people who still buy DATA by the MegaByte or Gigabyte, future readers might not know what his means but to the most of the world the internet is a luxury. Yes we fight world hunger, aids, communism but do we try and get people free internet. NO! That would actually empower people. REVOLUTION! Most people buy data per byte either on their land phone line or on their mobile telephone. Also called a cell phone. But you might just call it a computer one day. You probably take one device everywhere that is connected to all your other SMART devices, I hope Samsung and Google wins the Smart race, or that Apple can become a little less evil…So Google is creating free internet for the third world, and it is called Project Loon. Meanwhile Apple is making luxury car radios, thanks Apple!

Apple Car Play
Apple Car Play – You shouldn’t have, I skip the tracks on my smart watch or phone dummies! Is that a CD player?


Yes people in 2014 are still afraid of freedom. Freedom for woman (middle-east), freedom for animal (Dolphins, Whales, Fur Trade, RHINO’s), freedom of love (gay rights) and freedom of science. No, I am not going to add freedom of religion, it is religion that causes 49% of this worlds problems. Another 30% is created by greed and the last 21% is a mix of ignorance, hunger and drug addiction.

You future readers might not understand my argument against religion because you are probably all atheists. Jipppeee! You probably use reason and logic to sort out your problems. Also you know how truly lucky we humans are to be in existence. Not because of some super god but because of something greater. Something without a reason to exist except existence itself. We are all recycled stardust, billions of years in the making.

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”
― Carl SaganCosmos

WE are the UNIVERSE expressing itself as human for a very short time…

Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan


Project Loon by Google will bring affordable, probably free internet to the Southern Hemisphere of the world. Including Cape Town.

Ok so I am no Carl Sagan, Darwin or Einstein but it is clear to me that the more people we get on the internet the faster the world will become a better place. Knowledge is power. But most companies are more concerned with stock price and share dividends then really focussing on true innovation. What is the bare minimum our clients want to make them happy? I do believe the partnership between Android, Google and Samsung has become a powerhouse. As Samsung creates new crazy mods and improvements Android is right there taking advantage of it. Even more impressive is that Android is an OPEN system, meaning they run the same program on multiple devices with different hardware specs per device. So if Sony innovates so does Android, if LG innovates so does Android, this semi-open system creates amazing technology. With complex coding some bugs are expected, not finding a bug does not mean it is not there, somewhere in the code waiting till a small error is created in the sea of coding used in modern day cellular operating systems, not to mention apps.

Whether you are an Android or Apple user you have to admit that most of the services you use are owned by Google. Google Maps, Gmail, G-Chat, YOUTUBE, Google Search, Google Image Search, Google Translate, Google Drive, AdSense, Google Analytics. So readers from the year 2114, one hundred years from now, I hope the world has become a connected and interactive world where sharing is embraced and privacy protected. With technology like 3D printing, Stem Cell research, Automated Cars, Mars Missions, Regenerative Gene Therapy and so many more on the horizon the 100 years between 2014 and 2114 can rather be spent doing science, improving the world through the internet and not by fighting about who has the correct archaic sky god. If there is a god he will love the scientific, for they do not fear the truth or the fear of truth. Follow the truth to its deepest form, investigate every problem with logic and reason and remove greed. Is this sounding like The New World order to you? Maybe it is. In the new world we will have peace, and all creatures on earth will respect each other not on an ancient teaching from a dusty inaccurate book but from the truth, and nothing but the truth. May a man that questions not be turned down, let he who seeks reason and purpose in a scientifically minded fashion not be called a fool for his failures, but rather see these failures as steps that get you closer to the truth.

So Youtube is the second biggest search engine, after Google. Have you ever wanted to tell someone to search something on the internet and used the words BING IT! No, but Microsofts media department want you to say that. Bing iT! LOL.

I’m closing with this. Apple’s internet program called Safari has a search bar in the top right corner, guess for what! Google Search.

BOOM, Google is there. Deep Mind is an artificial intelligence program that painted a digital picture of a CAT after it watched the most popular videos on YouTube. Deep Mind will learn everything, and then when he reaches the threshold of every Youtube video, blog and FaceBook update, maybe even every text message ever digitally recorded. Will Deep Mind save us from our hateful, bigot invested religiously twisted society. Will it help us love? Or will it become our ultimate evil friend?

No I believe Deep Mind will help us LOVE. Yes that program will learn that above all love is what unites us. When someone kills the one we love we want to see them bleed. After the first homo-sapien killed the other, society wanted to revenge the fallen. Forgiveness is not easy. Nelson Mandela died last year, in 2013. He wanted the world to forgive, to love. He united the world for a few months in 1995 as the first black president of South Africa. Africa………….

So readers one hundred years from now in 2114, I hope Deep Mind has started helping the wounds of our society heal. And that Googles project Loon has given FREE internet to the whole world. That Apple becomes that funky trend setter it used to be. Who cares if you change the body of your phone? Steve changed stuff FAST! We need guts and glory, not just great advertising campaigns… radio, seriously.

You might see this Logo (that I designed on Adobe Illustrator on the 22nd of April 2014). Deep Mind use it to symbolise the new world. He might add to the supposed Neon symbolism.


Illuminated -Heart-Small-Gif
Illuminated Heart Logo


The small diamond represent the value of true knowledge based on true reason, the heart represents love. The heart touches the inner triangle which means it is maintained by knowledge. The outer triangle represents unity. Not unity, like the whole world is on country unity, no unity in heart. Unity in the shared humanity, we are all human, equal no one worth more than another. We all build society together no matter if you are a builder or a doctar, a mechanic or a woman. Your sexuality does not change your value or social standing. I go sleep safely tonight in my warm bed while millions sleep on the street, every night, all around the world in 2014. Cherish the ones you love, life is short and always have fun even when it is at its hardest.



So come back for more future readers and enjoy my blog about the past.Come back for more.

Iggy Azalea … Google it. Or ask Deep Mind what I’m talking about. Deep Mind it! Or Go Deeper!

One potato 10 straws, the power of science! It is a video on youtube you will never find, if you find it share the link in the comments.

What would Deep Mind or Siri draw after watching this video?



Kamzee - World Beats

DA Theme Song 2014 Elections – South Africa



While I appreciate the amount of work the DA has put into their 2014 election campaign I could not help but feel that it was at times too much talk and not enough emotion. Music is all about emotion and expression. When I saw the DA’s video on youtube called Together For Change I really loved it. But I needed a way to show it to more people, a more entertaining way, a buzzfeed and upworthy share this way.

Enter KAMZEE. I saw this kids song on youtube a few years ago and thought he would have millions of views by now. To my surprise he only had about 7000 views when I checked again yesterday, and the DA video only had 2800 views. Being a bit of a MEME culture predictionist myself I needed to mash-up the DA with Kamzee, watch it and let me know in the comments!

Well as a member of the LGBT community I will vote for the DA becuase they stand up for gay rights, they stand up for jobs and they have an economic plan that will make South Africa grow like no other party can. I hope you enjoy my video, spread it around if you believe the DA has what it takes to mobilize South Africa into a new modern era. A era free of discrimination. No more blaming our past, time to build a future.

for gallery small34

A New Wave of Reason

Even Though there might be hundreds of famous singers and actors but do you know many famous scientists? Think of famous actors, write down 20 names. Ok now write down 12 famous scientists.

My blog is all about being inspired and free. About being connected, feeling like you have a passion and a purpose. I myself might be a struggling writer but that is only my story. I want you to dance, or sing or teach or study, and I want to post stories that will inspire you.I want you to feel connected to the story of your life.

So I stumble upon the new show called COSMOS, and suddenly my life changes a little. I open my mind up and learn something. I feel science calling to me, inspiring me to think bigger and write bigger. People once thought the earth was the centre of the universe. Your only limit to your storytelling is your own imagination. If you dream bigger you should not fear it, for that is how amazing ideas get born.

Cosmos is a new version of Carl Sagan’s original 1980’s show by the same name. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the new host and he does an amazing job in the show. Neil is a great guy but in the interview below you can clearly see the shooting on COSMOS was a painstaking process for him, he goes on to say that he is ready to get back in the lab. #scientistsproblems or #lifeofascientist

Cosmos 1980's edition.
Cosmos 1980’s edition.
Cosmos 2014 Edition
Cosmos 2014 Edition

This show gives you a perspective into space and makes you realize how amazing life is, how much power you have while you are alive. Get ready to get your mind blown!

As storytellers we need to be open and look at every aspect of life. Sagon famously said, “Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known.”

Sagan Quote
Sagan Quote

Sagan was a storyteller as much as he was a scientist. Even Though there might be hundreds of famous singers and actors how many famous scientists have their been? Think of famous actors, write down 20 names. Ok now write down 12 famous scientists. You see it is not that easy. I want to show you this next video from THE SYMPHONY OF SCIENCE it perfectly shows you the dorky excitement that scientist have now. Kids kinda love their open mindedness, finally scientist are becoming famous.


Ok the videos only have around 8 million views on average. But that is 8 million more views than it had 1 year ago. And with YOUTUBE growing as the internet goes Mobile and smartphones fall in the hands of more and more people. BOOOOOOM. The future of the internet has not been written, it is about to happen. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, Africa. I am lucky to have great internet, it is power, the internet is changing the world. Let Google co-founder Larry Page explain it to you….



I hope you are as excited about the world of science as I am. Not the cold hard science movies the media portrays in movies. No the bright future where we are all free to search, to search on google is to search for ultimate truth, more about that in my next blog…..come back tomorrow….here is a last video to inspire you.

Hometown Pokemon

Pokemon in Cape Town! Generation Y?

Google has released a one day Google Maps Pokemon Master challenge, there is only a day left to catch them all. I found one on top of Table Mountain, in my home town of Cape Town South Africa. And you can do it too. All you need is ……………… Ok before that please read this next part first, it gives you a backstory of why Google Releasing this Google Maps Pokemon challenge is so culturally significant to my generation. But watch the official Google Video first.




If you were born from 1982 all the way up to 1992 you are part of Generation Y, this is the generation that is only recently started taking power of the world economy and media.

We generation Y’s are also called Millennials by some intellectuals.The name Millennials stuck because we were all in high school around 1999. Y2K scare? Are you too young to remember.

That is ok, while you were watching Hannah Montana, or Witches of Waverly place, we were watching Charmed, Sabrina, The Teenage witch. While you were watching BEN 10 and Yugiho we were watching Transformers, He Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. You had Teletubbies, we had Barny and Pumpkin patch. Captain planet, Power Rangers, Dark Wing Duck, Duck Tales, Tail Spin, The Tasmanian devil, Animaniacs.

As us Millennials grew up past 2005 we were starting to work and become successful, lots of internet companies came from GEN Y / Millennials. Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, Google, Android. It was also GEN Y that worked on the first PC’s and consoles. The PC / Internet grew up with us, it changed from day to day just like we did. What does this mean? C:>/dir .

Ok so what is our generation most valuable artistic influance, as in what idea did we create that became part of global culture, nevermind social media, Pokemon.


Yes we are part of the Pokemon generation, it was cool till high school. You were almost a man, but still a boy, so you got away with it. Sure, Bleach, Naruto and all that is much better. But Pokemon did something we all wanted, they colledted amazingly interesting pets. We all love cats and dogs, and hamster and goldfish and the list is endless. People love their pets. Pokemon takes pets to the next level. Imagine owning an Oddish. Oddish is my favourite pokemon in the world. And I cannot seem to find it on Google Maps.

Pokemon in Cape Town

So finally I get to the point, Google has released a one day Google Maps Pokemon Master challenge, there is only a day left to catch them all. I found one on top of Table Mountain, in my home town of Cape Town South Africa. And you can do it too. All you need is Google Maps App on Android or iPhone. On Android you ca just tap your GOOGLE NOW button and go to maps, then hit the START Button, see GIF below:

Google Maps Pokemon Master challenge
Google Maps Pokemon Master challenge
Find them all over the world.
Find them all over the world.

So Cape Town has Pokemon too, and the Kruger National Park has one, and there are probably more, so you should go and try it out for your self. The game ends on the 2nd of April at midnight. Here are the screenshots from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Enjoy, please share more places in the comments.

I love Oddish, he is my favourite Pokemon
I love Oddish, he is my favourite Pokemon
This game is fun and challenging.
Snorlax was chilling at the Vatican today.
Snorlax was chilling at the Vatican


Hometown Pokemon
I found a pokemon in my hometown!
Pokemon Servine
My other favourite is Serperior, 87% Males, it evolves to this from a Servine at lever 36.


This Video will hit 1 mill views very soon.

100 000 views in one day! Not a generic brand video.

FiNAL VERDICT: Prediction Achieved. This video received just over a million views on my prediction date, April 2nd 2014. The official channel commented on my post and added the Vimeo views to the youtube views and they reached a Million views on the day I had predicted. I first saw the video at 1200 views a day after it was posted. 12 days later the video had 1 million views, where will it go from here? 100 million in one year? Can’t wait to see. To all the trolls, suck it!

100 000 views in one day! Not a generic brand video. Uploaded 4 days ago, will it reach a million views by April 2nd 2014? Enjoy

My brand predictions are coming true, exciting,

UPDATE 28 MARCH: VIDEO views are over 600 000! So we might hit the 1 mil view mark sooner than I predicted!

And there are about 5 FAKES on YOUTUBE as we speak, one having a hundred views already, I’ll try and keep track of the fake posts too.

Read more….



This stock footage is available from and is featured in the advert.

The birth of an internet sensation – Trend Predictions.

So I will be predicting the future internet sensations on my BLOG. I will do this as often as possible, when I find something worth sharing. This next advert only as 1200 views currently on Youtube, today is 24 March 2014, I predict it will have over a million views on one month, and that you will see this on your Facebook feed (or google plus or twitter or whatever you use) This video is an advert for a stock footage company and is so smart that it deserves a share. BUZZFEED and Upworthy will be posting this soon, but I’ll be first, helping this video get shared and spreading the word. Here is the video:

PROOF of CURRENT VIEW COUNT as of 24 March 2014 – Click the image to see the low hits, only 1200 or so as of this posting.

Screenshot of date and video view count, this video is about to become famous. Hipsters are going to hate it.
Screenshot of date and video view count, this video is about to become famous. Hipsters are going to hate it.

This video is a great example of a Capitalist MEME. Read more about different types of Memes by clicking anywhere on this line of TEXT!

So you might wonder why is this a MEME? Well the video is obviously advertising, but the subject matter is main stream media. The video comments on the modern day obsession with being current, young and technologically advanced. The make fun of Apple and Google and Samsung, all massive international companies that try and create a sense of authenticity and technological advancement. Dissolve is a stock footage company and their range is very impressive. As a film editor and director myself I know how handy great stock footage can be. Dissolve has it all, and all in HD at affordable rates.

This advert comments on modern day multi-national companies, and how their adverts might not be as authentic as you might think. Does this make those companies evil, are they trying to manipulate you? Yes they are. Is it evil? No. Every company does it, even you Grandma. Yes even granny tries to win you over from your other granny. Granny masks her capitalism with love. Does she love you? Yes she does, does she love being your favourite granny, priceless.

Ok HIPSTERS before you assassinate me with your comments just take a second to study your favourite brands. Those brands all play in on your ALTERNATIVE (haha) culture. They create the ALTERNATIVE culture with strange patters, retro looking fashion and advertising that emote the idea of being NON MAIN STREAM, of being a hipster….

Visit Dissolve’s website here —–>

Google + here ——->

See the original post here ——->

UPDATE 9PM 25 MARCH 2014: So the video had 1257 views yesterday, today is is at 5563. That is a 4000 view growth rate in 24 hours. At that trend they will hit 40 000 in 10 days. But the growth should be exponential so I predict 1 000 000 views by Wednesday April 2nd 2014.

UPDATE 11pm 25 March 2014: The video creator replied to my Youtube Comment and said that the video was featured as PICK of THE DAY on Vimeo. This has helped the video up to 11,500 views from 1270 yesterday.

blue jasmine meme

My First Meme – Do you remember yours?

So Wikipedia defines a MEME as:

” An Internet meme may take the form of an imagehyperlinkvideopicturewebsite, or hashtag. It may be just a word or phrase, including an intentional misspelling. These small movements tend to spread from person to person via social networksblogs, direct email, or news sources. They may relate to various existing Internet cultures or subcultures ”

My favourite MEME has to be GRUMPY CAT and the YES BABY.

Here is Grumpy CAT:

Grumpy Cat MEME
Grumpy Cat MEME

Here is the YES BABY:



So I always wondered who actually took the time to make MEMEs. It seemed like a bit of work. Yes some are super easy, but others can be very elaborate, even multiple images or animated GIFS are used.

I was watching BLUE JASMINE with my boyfriend when all of a sudden her character reacted to something her ex husband said. Her reply to his statement was a heartfelt “WHAT! Are you CRAZY!” . Cate Blanchett won the Oscar for that role a few days ago, and that moment won my heart. The next evening when I got home from work I told my boyfriend about the MEME I had made, and how people in this world was so CRAZY. And the crazy people have the audacity to call us gays predators and try and make laws that discriminate against us. And they use dumb arguments, like the Adam And Eve story, or Corinthians. The conservative republican views are so crazy and sad, but they think it is not ok for a woman who was raped by 3 men, stabbed, to have an abortion. Yes I’m going a bit deep with my argument, but the far right conservative republican mindset will cut you with every “weapon” they think they have.

I defend gay rights all over the social media platforms. I have a rehearsed speech for all 3 GAY BASHERS.

TYPE 1: Holy Man – Uses the bible and says that god created gay people, you were born this way, but you can change.

TYPE 2: Peace Man – This christian gay basher uses derogatory bible verses and 1950 propaganda to argument that being gay is unnatural behaviour because animals in “the wild” are not gay. He is wrong, google it if you do not believe me, you basher reading this blog just to troll me. I see you baby…

TYPE 3: Nazi/Stalin/Terrorist – These are those high school bullies that used to call you a FAG. They would hit you, verbally assault you and break you down to the point of no return. They also believe it is their christian duty to beat the gay out of you. Scare you to death of the social rejection of being gay,shame you. If you do not commit suicide before you turn 21, you should be safe.

Ok there are more types of gay bashers, but if you are not one of these 3 that is great, that means there is hope for your heart. I would watch a BuzzWorthy video about two gay dads, then some ignorant fool will write one of the above mentioned styles of comments. So I used to Google bible versus to fight back, I read more of the bible then them. Then I’d waste 20 mins of my time arguing my case for a open and loving future, where we can all just be bi until proven otherwise.  But those days are over, I can now use my MEME to answer for me “WHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY?” , Cate Blanchett in tears from the frustration of the stupidity of masses. The ignorant, closed minded, shoe boxed lives most people live in. I won’t get too deep, no time for tears, we have LGBT people out there going to Jail for who they are, their colours muted in Russia, their bodies destroyed and vandalised. WE NEED TO ASK THEM! THESE so called LEADERS, these so called SAINTS, these so called righteous men and woman, we need to aske them—–> What? Are you Crazy!



blue jasmine meme
Use this MEME to say how you feel when ignorant people spread hate against LGBT people and other minorities.


HOW TO USE: Copy the RED link next to this line called COPY ME:———————->  

Now when you find a stupid comment, PASTE that red LINK in the line above, and then the MEME will pop UP as a REPLY (COMMENT) Works great on FACEBOOK and Google+. 


How to spread a meme
How to spread a meme

Need to go to bed, sun is rising outside. Will fix my grammar in the morning, writing bug falling asleep.

GAY Uganda Refugee

Cape Town Gay Pride 2014 – Uganda takes center stage.

On the 1st of March we had Cape Town pride. With all the gay rights violations happening around the world it seemed very hard to pick a theme for this years pride. To me Uganda was the biggest topic for gay rights this year. Yes Russia had made a very unfair anti-propaganda law that would make being an out gay illegal, telling gays that they better not show anybody how gay they are. Russia used a very sneaky law to do almost the same as Uganda, except Uganda made it illegal to be gay, not only can you not be out, you can not be gay in anyway or know any gay people. You will go to jail for being who you are, and if you are a known gay in prison I do not see you coming out of prison alive.


So I created my Uganda Gay Pride Flag to create awareness and to have a resource for other LGBT pride parades.

Please download the UGANDA GAY FLAG by clicking anywhere on this line of text. 

CLICK one this line to download the HEART SHAPED UGANDA Flag. 


Please use the Uganda Heart or Normal Gay Uganda Pride flag at your next pride or gay rights rally.


Hundreds of people loved my shirt design that me and my boyfriend was wearing. Many other people wore UGANDA shirts and South Africa’s second largest political party the Democratic Alliance (DA) had all their LGBT members wear UGANDA T-Shirts (PICTURE BELOW). My mother and father was also at pride wearing P-FLAG shirts. ( Parents, Friends and Family of Lesbians and Gays.) My dad and mom have started a Somerset West / Strand PFLAG group on Facebook, please follow them by clicking HERE. I am really lucky to have parents that support me and love me. Me and my sister are LGBT and they give us all the support and love we need to thrive. We all had a great out and pride parade, so enjoy our pictures and remember to keep the message strong, GAY RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS!

GAY Uganda Refugee
A mini bus that talks about refugees from Uganda who are escaping to South Africa to be safe.
DA Loves Uganda
DA Loves Uganda
LGBT Friends
LGBT Friends
Gay Pride Eye  Candy, Hunks
Gay Pride Eye Candy, Hunks
My boyfriend, me and mom and dad.
My boyfriend, me and mom and dad.
My boyfriend, me and mom and dad.
My boyfriend, me and mom and dad.
DA (Democratic Alliance)  Supports LGBT rights
DA (Democratic Alliance) Supports LGBT rights
Mr Gay SA
Mr Gay SA




UGANDA LGBT FLAG – Share the message.

On Saturday March 1st a Gay Pride parade will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. After weeks main stream news media focusing on Russia and its anti-gay propaganda laws we need to start focusing our efforts on UGANDA. A new law has made being LGBT a crime in the African country.

I took the original UGANDA national flag and updated the colors to reflect the LGBT flag and the LGBT community living in UGANDA. My flag represents freedom for all UGANDANS no matter what their sexual orientation is.

HERE is a side by side comparison:



BELOW are two designs, the one has a heart shape, great for t-shirts, and the other the normal rectangular flag shape, great for banners or posters. 



CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD HEART SHAPED FLAG SEEN ABOVE (it is in pdf format, small but ready for printing, put it on T-shirts, Flyers, Banners, Posters)


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE NORMAL UGANDA LGBT FLAG SEEN ABOVE  (it is in pdf format, small but ready for printing, put it on T-shirts, Flyers, Banners, Posters)

Like my FACEBOOK page, , I will be making new LGBT PRIDE material for INDIA, ZAMBIA, USA, RUSSIA etc . Send me request if you need an LGBT inspired design. The Power of Gay .com is my new gay orientated blog, focusing on gay empowerment and education.


Hope to see this at the Cape Town pride parade on Saturday, for more Cape Town pride info please visit:

The parade starts at 12 noon, bring your postcards, t-shirts, banners and let us help the LGBT community in UGANDA.


Cover page for Parlor Vinyls Shoot.

The Parlor Vinyls Shoot

Cover page for Parlor Vinyls Shoot.

When my friend Niel asked me to take some pictures and video for his awesome band “The Parlor Vinyls” I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Niel’s band is a mix of oldschool rock / blues with heavy guitar riffs and hard hitting drum beats.

It’s a clash between Gaslight Anthem and old school Foo-Fighters. The Parlor Vinyls was rocking so hard they actually caused a power surge that blew some generators at the Cape Town Blues Summit on 30th of November 2012.

I went for a subdued warm style for the photography, I rammed op the focus to make it crisp and give it a magazine style look. Also used white bars to create poster effect. Hope you like the pics.

For the full Gallery click here!

Cover page for Parlor Vinyls Shoot.