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Sometimes writing hurts.

I am writing the last few pages of my new short film. I can see this little boy as he says goodbye to his father. How is world changes in a second, he became a man because he had too. And what hurts the most is the pain in his dads face as he has to leave his son behind because he cant find work. He never knew all the pain his son would endure outside Kampala, being a gay man, a man of god sent to hell.

I really can’t help but feel the pain my characters are feeling. It hurts. What makes it worse is that I know that thousands of people feel this pain and that they are voiceless. I never wanted fame or fortune, all I want is to tell a story. A story that no one has heard, or one that we can all recognize, a universal arc of human feeling.

If you want to hear a brilliant song that I’m trying to get the rights to for my short check this out!

So if you hate anyone, black, white, christian , gay, muslim you need to realize you are an ahole.

We need to strive towards love, not because of a god but because we share this world for a split second, then it is done. No do overs. Stop the hate, stop the judgment, stop being a scared little ahole and be a man (or woMAN).

Yes if you know me these blogs might seem very personal, but they are, if you feel strange about it it’s ok that is normal. People are not used to seeing others real emotions, we tend to hide behind walls or mountains. I only live once, I will live it fully.

If you are a possible employer and want me to rather pipe down then guess again, that is not me. A life of silent frustration is not the one I will live.

If you have seen my short a few months from this post I hope it came across, I hope you felt it.

Also visit my other blog for more LGBT stuff, (GAY STUFF)





This stock footage is available from and is featured in the advert.

The birth of an internet sensation – Trend Predictions.

So I will be predicting the future internet sensations on my BLOG. I will do this as often as possible, when I find something worth sharing. This next advert only as 1200 views currently on Youtube, today is 24 March 2014, I predict it will have over a million views on one month, and that you will see this on your Facebook feed (or google plus or twitter or whatever you use) This video is an advert for a stock footage company and is so smart that it deserves a share. BUZZFEED and Upworthy will be posting this soon, but I’ll be first, helping this video get shared and spreading the word. Here is the video:

PROOF of CURRENT VIEW COUNT as of 24 March 2014 – Click the image to see the low hits, only 1200 or so as of this posting.

Screenshot of date and video view count, this video is about to become famous. Hipsters are going to hate it.
Screenshot of date and video view count, this video is about to become famous. Hipsters are going to hate it.

This video is a great example of a Capitalist MEME. Read more about different types of Memes by clicking anywhere on this line of TEXT!

So you might wonder why is this a MEME? Well the video is obviously advertising, but the subject matter is main stream media. The video comments on the modern day obsession with being current, young and technologically advanced. The make fun of Apple and Google and Samsung, all massive international companies that try and create a sense of authenticity and technological advancement. Dissolve is a stock footage company and their range is very impressive. As a film editor and director myself I know how handy great stock footage can be. Dissolve has it all, and all in HD at affordable rates.

This advert comments on modern day multi-national companies, and how their adverts might not be as authentic as you might think. Does this make those companies evil, are they trying to manipulate you? Yes they are. Is it evil? No. Every company does it, even you Grandma. Yes even granny tries to win you over from your other granny. Granny masks her capitalism with love. Does she love you? Yes she does, does she love being your favourite granny, priceless.

Ok HIPSTERS before you assassinate me with your comments just take a second to study your favourite brands. Those brands all play in on your ALTERNATIVE (haha) culture. They create the ALTERNATIVE culture with strange patters, retro looking fashion and advertising that emote the idea of being NON MAIN STREAM, of being a hipster….

Visit Dissolve’s website here —–>

Google + here ——->

See the original post here ——->

UPDATE 9PM 25 MARCH 2014: So the video had 1257 views yesterday, today is is at 5563. That is a 4000 view growth rate in 24 hours. At that trend they will hit 40 000 in 10 days. But the growth should be exponential so I predict 1 000 000 views by Wednesday April 2nd 2014.

UPDATE 11pm 25 March 2014: The video creator replied to my Youtube Comment and said that the video was featured as PICK of THE DAY on Vimeo. This has helped the video up to 11,500 views from 1270 yesterday.

blue jasmine meme

Meme Culture – Modern or Mind Control?

So the more famous your own MEME gets the closer it gets to dying. And if your MEME needs an explanation it is not truly a MEME.

A MEME is an element of culture that can be passed from one person to another.

Today a MEME gets all its power from Social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. The more a MEME is shared the bigger it gets.

But some MEMES are more advanced than others. Here are some examples.

EASY MEMEs: 100% effective:


Troll Face, Coolface MEME
Troll Face Meme started on September 19th 2008 but only reached MEME status around February 2012, almost 4 years later.
Emma Watson gets TROLL FACED.
Emma Watson gets TROLL FACED. So Emma pulled a face that looked very similar to Troll FACE MEME, so she joined the JOKE. This is how Memes evolve and spread, most people who has never seen the ORIGINAL could still find it funny, but those that know about the ORIGINAL TROLL FACE will have a deeper experience with the joke.


So as you can see TROLL FACE MEME is relatively simple to understand. If you have no prevoius knowledge of where it came from. Or do you dissagree, comment below!

But now I am going to reveal the origin of TROLL FACE, all thanks to

“The Trollface was originally drawn by Carlos Ramirez, an Oakland-based artist known by his deviantART[1] handle Whynne, as part of a MS Paint webcomic webcomic about the pointless nature of trolling on 4chan’s /v/ (video games) board. The comic was uploaded to deviantART on September 19th, 2008.”

Troll FACE origins.
Troll FACE origins.

Do you like this MEME more or less after I showed you how it originated? This meme is an example of ORGANIC MEME. It was not created by the artist to excist as a MEME. I am making distinctions between Organic Memes and Manufactured Memes. There is a third Meme and it is called the Capitalist Meme and the last one the USER ACTIVE MEME.


A organic MEME is shared by OTHERS, not the creator> A “stolen” feeling or frustration was expressed and a person wanted to use that art/picture or expression to express themselves or comment on a social media post. The Meme spread through users. If this Meme is abused, and the original meaning is lost, the Meme slowly dies out.


This Meme is not one MEME but rather thousand of variations of a MEME. One image starts the MEME, others then take this MEME and RECREATE it and posts their own version of the MEME. Or users can use the same MEME as a template, where they then change the TEXT or edit the image to make the MEME fit their own joke or commentary.


A Manufactured MEME is created by the creator. It is then PLANTED into REDDIT, tumblr, Facebook and Google+. The creator takes an active role in spreading his MEME to the correct audience so that they can take the MEME further and spread it world wide. The creator uses this Meme on various social media platforms to try and get many people to see it and start sharing it.


The capitalist MEME can also be called the TIMED MEME or Public Relations MEME. This MEME is created by a BRAND. It could be created to enhance product knowledge or design aspects. It can also be used to trick the audience to believe that the MEME was created by users and not the brand itself. If people are sharing this MEME the company has received free advertising.

These 4 types are my personal MEME categories, some other smart people might go on to list hundreds more Meme types but I believe my 4 types encompasses all Memes. What is the motive behind the MEME? If you can answer that you know where the MEME fits within my 4 categories.  We have already discussed one example of ORGANIC MEME, the TROLL FACE. Created as part of a larger work of art, it became a symbol of internet TROLLS that answer online posts with illogical en stupid arguments. It was shared by other frustrated users. Here are examples of the other 3 Meme categories.


The original photo was changed to become a Meme, the creator of the image had no control over the MEME.
The users create their own custom MEME messages using the original picture of the baby on the beach. This is a User Active MEME.

Manufactured MEME:

This person CREATED this Meme to comment on his opinion about Apple and how crazy Apple Fanboys are. Ver effective, but silly.
This person CREATED this Meme to comment on his opinion about Apple and how crazy Apple Fanboys are. Ver effective, but silly.


Capitalist Meme or Organic?
Capitalist MEME? or Organic? Does this help the Daft Punk Album? It does, so might belong to both groups.

So is MEME culture here to stay or is it a passing fad? Well with over 42 Million Meme hits on Google it would seem Memes are the new 21st century cultural phenomenon. We might see Facebook die, Google plus might fade even twitter might tweet softly but you can bet your teeth on the fact that MEME will be flying all over the place, hopefully people will not sit by and let the MEMEs go without learning their deeper meaning. Some Memes do not need deeper meaning, they embody our emotions and feeling so well that the are universal communicators. People from all over the world can look at Grumpy Cat an have the same feeling of CUTE and AAAWWW shame. When you look at the YES baby you can only imagine how happy and relieved that little kid was about something, you connect with him, communicate. Yes communication is a 2 way street but he fact that you are sharing these Memes mean they are being used to communicate. Some of these meme sum up in a few split second how you feel. I believe MEMEs will become the new from of internet communication, the will change overtime but some will stay fixed and become internal communicators of certain emotions and feelings.

My MEME! So I made my own MEME after I saw Cate Blanchette in BLUE JASMINE. Her reaction to her husbands invitelity made my year. She (and the writers of the screenplay) summed up my frustration with hypocrytes so well. Her words were “WHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY?” and that is exactly how I feel about these ignorant religouis TROLLS on the internet, that have nothing better to do then be nagative and ignorant about gay rights and human rights in general.

Has the MEME become political? That is my next MEME post. The study of Meme is the study of modern culture at its most active.

PS: My writers challenge of one page a day is going great. My screenplay is at the end of the first ACT now, getting there one page at a time…

NEXT POST PREVIEW: Has MEMEs gone political?

Political Memes?
Political Memes?
Political Memes
Political Memes
Political MEMEs
Political MEMEs




Meouth was so cute, I had to make this comic style pic of him sittig in the drain pipe.

Can pets leave a legacy?

What is a legacy? defines it as:

“Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor…the legacy of ancient Rome.”

My cat Lucy is very ill, after 14 years of life it seems her path is winding to an end. I want to go back in time and play with her longer, allow her to sleep in my bed and wake me up at the worst time by pushing her wet black nose against my big fat nose. As a kitten I had to hold her tightly against me while she tried to bite and scratch me. She had a fear for people and I could see she needed to know that she could trust me before she would accept me. After weeks of restraining her and taking her nails and teeth in my flesh she got a taste for me so to speak.

She was my little Burmese kitty, ready to play and jump and sleep on my homework. She and my little sisters cat Meouth ( a fat ginger tabby) became great friends, they became brother and sister. Meouth passed away a few weeks ago, and Lucy almost mourned herself to death. After 14 years with Meouth she seemed to miss him beyond anything. She would smell his left over furr and she would meow a special meow that we all recognised was her calling Meouth. A legacy is leaving a lasting message. A lasting story. Making an impact.

Lucy is just a cat, but she is a symbol of my childhood, our family starting a new life in Cape Town. She and Meouth came into our lives and enriched every moment. When I held Lucy for the first time in 1999 I knew I loved her. As a kid I never thought of the end of her life. 14 years later I realize it is my duty to her to hold her one last time, I need to be with her when she dies. Hold her, be with her, make her feel safe in those last moments.I want to calm her like she has me. I want her to trust that I love her, and that her life meant so much to me.

Her legacy is my legacy. Lucy kept me warm, made me feel safe. She gave me company when I was a lonely 15 year old boy from a small town back in a big city. She calmed me when I was sad, purring me to sleep. A legacy is more than just property or fame. A legacy creates a lasting change in the world. You create a legacy by your behaviour. How you choose to love, act and react. Did you face your fears or did you allow them to consume you? Did you go for your dreams or did you hope they would fade away? Were you there when you were needed, did you lend a helping hand? Lucy thought me a lot about responsibility and love. She showed me that you should only trust people that are willing to bleed for you, people that will be there for you no matter how crazy things get. Or how difficult.

The ancient Egyptians had a cat god called Bast (Bastet) who represented protection, fertility and motherhood. The Egyptians hoped they would keep the cats soul alive, so that it could return to its owner to serve them in the afterlife. Here is another extract from WikiPedia:

“In 1888, an Egyptian farmer uncovered a large tomb with mummified cats and kittens. This discovery outside the town of Beni Hasan had eighty thousand cat mummies, dating to 2000-1000 BC.”

Lucy you are just a cat, and I am just a man. I will be there for you till the end, be it tomorrow, be it today. You added to my legacy, a part of who I am was created by you being in my life. I wish you could find Meouth again, he is somewhere eating…


PS: If you have lost a beloved pet please leave your story in the comments below.

Lucy gives me the LOOK HOW CUTE I AM look.
Lucy gives me the LOOK HOW CUTE I AM look.
My sisters CAT Meouth!
My sisters CAT Meouth!
My cat Lucy trying to get me to stop working on the computer.
My cat Lucy trying to get me to stop working on the computer.
My sisters CAT Meouth! And my dad, and Lucy my cat in the corner.
My sisters CAT Meouth! And my dad, and Lucy my cat in the corner.




blue jasmine meme

My First Meme – Do you remember yours?

So Wikipedia defines a MEME as:

” An Internet meme may take the form of an imagehyperlinkvideopicturewebsite, or hashtag. It may be just a word or phrase, including an intentional misspelling. These small movements tend to spread from person to person via social networksblogs, direct email, or news sources. They may relate to various existing Internet cultures or subcultures ”

My favourite MEME has to be GRUMPY CAT and the YES BABY.

Here is Grumpy CAT:

Grumpy Cat MEME
Grumpy Cat MEME

Here is the YES BABY:



So I always wondered who actually took the time to make MEMEs. It seemed like a bit of work. Yes some are super easy, but others can be very elaborate, even multiple images or animated GIFS are used.

I was watching BLUE JASMINE with my boyfriend when all of a sudden her character reacted to something her ex husband said. Her reply to his statement was a heartfelt “WHAT! Are you CRAZY!” . Cate Blanchett won the Oscar for that role a few days ago, and that moment won my heart. The next evening when I got home from work I told my boyfriend about the MEME I had made, and how people in this world was so CRAZY. And the crazy people have the audacity to call us gays predators and try and make laws that discriminate against us. And they use dumb arguments, like the Adam And Eve story, or Corinthians. The conservative republican views are so crazy and sad, but they think it is not ok for a woman who was raped by 3 men, stabbed, to have an abortion. Yes I’m going a bit deep with my argument, but the far right conservative republican mindset will cut you with every “weapon” they think they have.

I defend gay rights all over the social media platforms. I have a rehearsed speech for all 3 GAY BASHERS.

TYPE 1: Holy Man – Uses the bible and says that god created gay people, you were born this way, but you can change.

TYPE 2: Peace Man – This christian gay basher uses derogatory bible verses and 1950 propaganda to argument that being gay is unnatural behaviour because animals in “the wild” are not gay. He is wrong, google it if you do not believe me, you basher reading this blog just to troll me. I see you baby…

TYPE 3: Nazi/Stalin/Terrorist – These are those high school bullies that used to call you a FAG. They would hit you, verbally assault you and break you down to the point of no return. They also believe it is their christian duty to beat the gay out of you. Scare you to death of the social rejection of being gay,shame you. If you do not commit suicide before you turn 21, you should be safe.

Ok there are more types of gay bashers, but if you are not one of these 3 that is great, that means there is hope for your heart. I would watch a BuzzWorthy video about two gay dads, then some ignorant fool will write one of the above mentioned styles of comments. So I used to Google bible versus to fight back, I read more of the bible then them. Then I’d waste 20 mins of my time arguing my case for a open and loving future, where we can all just be bi until proven otherwise.  But those days are over, I can now use my MEME to answer for me “WHAT! ARE YOU CRAZY?” , Cate Blanchett in tears from the frustration of the stupidity of masses. The ignorant, closed minded, shoe boxed lives most people live in. I won’t get too deep, no time for tears, we have LGBT people out there going to Jail for who they are, their colours muted in Russia, their bodies destroyed and vandalised. WE NEED TO ASK THEM! THESE so called LEADERS, these so called SAINTS, these so called righteous men and woman, we need to aske them—–> What? Are you Crazy!



blue jasmine meme
Use this MEME to say how you feel when ignorant people spread hate against LGBT people and other minorities.


HOW TO USE: Copy the RED link next to this line called COPY ME:———————->  

Now when you find a stupid comment, PASTE that red LINK in the line above, and then the MEME will pop UP as a REPLY (COMMENT) Works great on FACEBOOK and Google+. 


How to spread a meme
How to spread a meme

Need to go to bed, sun is rising outside. Will fix my grammar in the morning, writing bug falling asleep.


UGANDA LGBT FLAG – Share the message.

On Saturday March 1st a Gay Pride parade will be held in Cape Town, South Africa. After weeks main stream news media focusing on Russia and its anti-gay propaganda laws we need to start focusing our efforts on UGANDA. A new law has made being LGBT a crime in the African country.

I took the original UGANDA national flag and updated the colors to reflect the LGBT flag and the LGBT community living in UGANDA. My flag represents freedom for all UGANDANS no matter what their sexual orientation is.

HERE is a side by side comparison:



BELOW are two designs, the one has a heart shape, great for t-shirts, and the other the normal rectangular flag shape, great for banners or posters. 



CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD HEART SHAPED FLAG SEEN ABOVE (it is in pdf format, small but ready for printing, put it on T-shirts, Flyers, Banners, Posters)


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE NORMAL UGANDA LGBT FLAG SEEN ABOVE  (it is in pdf format, small but ready for printing, put it on T-shirts, Flyers, Banners, Posters)

Like my FACEBOOK page, , I will be making new LGBT PRIDE material for INDIA, ZAMBIA, USA, RUSSIA etc . Send me request if you need an LGBT inspired design. The Power of Gay .com is my new gay orientated blog, focusing on gay empowerment and education.


Hope to see this at the Cape Town pride parade on Saturday, for more Cape Town pride info please visit:

The parade starts at 12 noon, bring your postcards, t-shirts, banners and let us help the LGBT community in UGANDA.


Get Educated

Financial advice for Artists, Freelancers.

Financial Advice for all the Artist and Freelancers


We all see ourselves as artist. We write, we paint, we photograph, we capture and we create. But in the end if we can not eat we can not do any of the above. We must take care of ourselves financially as well as creatively (spiritually). Nothing makes me get writers block like unpaid bills and credit card debt. Most people have day jobs with clear budgets and outcomes. But as a creative and probably a freelancer it isn’t that easy to know how much to ask for certain things.


This is where my amazing Internet skills come into play. I have found a FREELANCE price calculator that takes in all your yearly expenses and gives you the rate you should be asking. What is great about it is that it has a break-even rate so that you know what you need to charge just to survive the year, it also has a Ideal Rate which is the rate you should be charging per hour to reach your yearly income goals.


So check it out HERE. (click anywhere in this line to go to the calculator) It is FREE!



Do yourself a favour and make the numbers in your local currency, then head over to to convert RAND or POUND or YEN into US Dollar and see how much you have been undercharging all your friends and family over the last lifetime.


Making prices is really hard and this calculator is the best way to make sure you can put not only food in your own mouth but also in the mouth of your family.


Hope you liked this post, please share on facebook, or twitter or whatever else.

Get Educated
Get Educated


Remember a good writer is a good reader. And a smart writer knows his financial statements. (substitute writer with artist or whatever you be)

Cover page for Parlor Vinyls Shoot.

The Parlor Vinyls Shoot

Cover page for Parlor Vinyls Shoot.

When my friend Niel asked me to take some pictures and video for his awesome band “The Parlor Vinyls” I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Niel’s band is a mix of oldschool rock / blues with heavy guitar riffs and hard hitting drum beats.

It’s a clash between Gaslight Anthem and old school Foo-Fighters. The Parlor Vinyls was rocking so hard they actually caused a power surge that blew some generators at the Cape Town Blues Summit on 30th of November 2012.

I went for a subdued warm style for the photography, I rammed op the focus to make it crisp and give it a magazine style look. Also used white bars to create poster effect. Hope you like the pics.

For the full Gallery click here!

Cover page for Parlor Vinyls Shoot.

Stephen Bekker's face

Pressed for WordPress

We got internet in 1995, I remember it took 30 mins for a small picture of Warcraft to download to my PC, I was 9 years old, I sat there looking at the pixels load thinking this was the best thing ever, now I get mad if my ADSL line doesn’t get at least 4mbs, it eeks me to rage if an HD 1080p YouTube video has LAG or buffers!

So being no stranger to the internet I only today, the 8th of December 2012 got my first WordPress blog. I have blogged on other platforms but they just felt dead and stuck.

As a selfproclaimed control freak I have researched WordPress for years and other means of internet expression. But now I finally made the jump to WordPress. Why? Well I had a myspace…and I have Facebook pages but all those sites kinda rely on you forcing your poor friends and family to read your crappy thoughts and ideas.

Given some thoughts on Facebook or twitter might be genuis, but your gran and aunt from rural no where might have missed that episode of “The Real L World” or “New Normal, even stuff like True Blood or Lady Gaga might make them sick to their conservative stomach.

So WordPress allows me to blog to the WHOLE WORLD. Yes now Billions can see my cr@p and roll their eyes at my pretentious self deceiving image of myself and my abilities.

Ok, so this blog will focus on Movies, TV, Film making, Directing, Video Editing, Cameras and other movie tech. Also scriptwriting, and storytelling in general.

Each post will cover one or more of those topics. And I will also give links to awesome utilities and sites I have found on the internet. And maybe I’ll even sell you some books online, that I’ve read and find AWESOME!

Another SO: I write kinda sarcastically and very blasphemosly, don’t take offence, or do take offense, whatever.

I will not SWEAR, but these words will replace them:

FRAK (see Battlestar Galactica)

BLERG (See 30 Rock)

Gosh (AKA Jaweh)

So any other harsh words only seem harsh cuase your probably a conservative internet trolling child molester.

Love you. Working on my first storytelling post as you read. Cheers (that means goodbye in South African, Cape Town

Stephen Bekker's face

This is me! Well with some help from Airbrush in photoshop., slang)