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This stock footage is available from Dissolve.com and is featured in the advert.

The birth of an internet sensation – Trend Predictions.

So I will be predicting the future internet sensations on my BLOG. I will do this as often as possible, when I find something worth sharing. This next advert only as 1200 views currently on Youtube, today is 24 March 2014, I predict it will have over a million views on one month, and that you will see this on your Facebook feed (or google plus or twitter or whatever you use) This video is an advert for a stock footage company and is so smart that it deserves a share. BUZZFEED and Upworthy will be posting this soon, but I’ll be first, helping this video get shared and spreading the word. Here is the video:

PROOF of CURRENT VIEW COUNT as of 24 March 2014 – Click the image to see the low hits, only 1200 or so as of this posting.

Screenshot of date and video view count, this video is about to become famous. Hipsters are going to hate it.
Screenshot of date and video view count, this video is about to become famous. Hipsters are going to hate it.

This video is a great example of a Capitalist MEME. Read more about different types of Memes by clicking anywhere on this line of TEXT!

So you might wonder why is this a MEME? Well the video is obviously advertising, but the subject matter is main stream media. The video comments on the modern day obsession with being current, young and technologically advanced. The make fun of Apple and Google and Samsung, all massive international companies that try and create a sense of authenticity and technological advancement. Dissolve is a stock footage company and their range is very impressive. As a film editor and director myself I know how handy great stock footage can be. Dissolve has it all, and all in HD at affordable rates.

This advert comments on modern day multi-national companies, and how their adverts might not be as authentic as you might think. Does this make those companies evil, are they trying to manipulate you? Yes they are. Is it evil? No. Every company does it, even you Grandma. Yes even granny tries to win you over from your other granny. Granny masks her capitalism with love. Does she love you? Yes she does, does she love being your favourite granny, priceless.

Ok HIPSTERS before you assassinate me with your comments just take a second to study your favourite brands. Those brands all play in on your ALTERNATIVE (haha) culture. They create the ALTERNATIVE culture with strange patters, retro looking fashion and advertising that emote the idea of being NON MAIN STREAM, of being a hipster….

Visit Dissolve’s website here —–> http://www.dissolve.com/

Google + here ——-> https://plus.google.com/+Dissolve/posts

See the original post here ——-> http://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/this-is-a-generic-brand-video

UPDATE 9PM 25 MARCH 2014: So the video had 1257 views yesterday, today is is at 5563. That is a 4000 view growth rate in 24 hours. At that trend they will hit 40 000 in 10 days. But the growth should be exponential so I predict 1 000 000 views by Wednesday April 2nd 2014.

UPDATE 11pm 25 March 2014: The video creator replied to my Youtube Comment and said that the video was featured as PICK of THE DAY on Vimeo. This has helped the video up to 11,500 views from 1270 yesterday.